Investment Catch-Phrase Fallacy

One of the worlds top Hedge Fund Managers finally reveals his techniques - NOW in new book!

Use Proven Probabilities to Your Advantage
... and Slowly Generate 40% or more Per Year

Imagine your life, after YOU begin trading like one of the worlds TOP Fund Managers. You are about to discover how you can, with any amount of investment, mirror the trade gains of one of the best-producing hedge fund managers alive, investing in the safest indices in the industry: NASDAQ and DOW!

Trading Secrets from an Industry Insider

First, be forwarned! Your broker is going to HATE this book so don't even bother showing it to him. Mr. Hyder calles-out the "mathmatically challanged" trading methods typically preached by brokers. You will learn why, during one of the worst market crashes of our time (a 40% decline), Hyder's firm provided investment returns of 58% in 2008 and has topped 70% in his best year.

Investment Catch-Phrase Fallacy

Now Mr. Hyder would like to share his low allocation, low risk, high gain mathematics with you, in this powerful book.

Best of all, you can download it NOW.

Mathematically Sound and Easy-To-Use

His precise scientific approach to investing is delightfully straightforward, yet profoundly effective. Regardless of the market's direction, his mathematically sound and easy-to-use techniques can drastically improve your profits and most importantly, lower your risk.

Now you can take responsibility for the long-term rewards of your portfolio by acting on and using proven probabilities to your advantage, not waiting for the market to graciously give you profits. He will show you the fallacy of traditional investment styles and the science behind new trading techniques that can help you not only recover from the market crash of 2008 but to rapidly increase your trading performance with intentional use of new compounding techniques.

Contents: What You'll Find Inside:

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